Buy Your White Ribbon



3 Responses to Buy Your White Ribbon

  1. Julianna Belle-Aire says:

    Tom Meagher your a brave and wonderful human being. What “courage” this took, I have no doubt Jill is forever your Guardian Angel … its she who has given you this strength, a kind you never knew to condition for life without her human presence. Though forever Jill’s spiritual being surrounds you constantly, whilst you struggle through those more difficult day, and to soothe your heart at night whilst you sleep .. forever entwined your love remains with our now beautiful Jillian Meagher …..

  2. Abby says:

    Dear Tom,

    It takes courage to speak out. I am so sorry for your loss. Jill was beautiful and smart and no one should ever have to experience what she and you have both been through. I was violently raped. I thank you for speaking out as there are so many of us who cannot. The man who raped me was someone I was dating. Not a monster…Please do carry on you wonderful work. Many, many thanks

  3. ianmordant says:

    Dear Tom, A very valuable piece. I nursed the woman to whom I was married through to her death from cancer. I feel her warmth in me every day. Hopefully you can feel that from the woman to whom you were married. I hope so. The two replies above hopefully help you to feel that.

    Ian Mordant

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